April 16th Channelling up - Blossom Goodchild


Herewith, the latest channelling for you to enjoy.

With everything being so 'topsy turvy' ... the best thing we can do is to KEEP REMINDING OURSELVES ... WHO WE ARE ... and as one would do when planning a holiday ... focus on the journey ahead and the Joy of the destination, once there.

A reminder also, that there are so many of us FEELING the same way ... different emotions etc. No-one is alone in this, and if you FEEL you are, then call inwardly to be supported by the rest of us. For we are here TOGETHER to make this 'thing' happen ... and 'happen' it will ... one fine day! So, for those who feel they are losing their grip ... hang on in there! There is LOVE and SUPPORT everywhere, when you 'tap in to the right frequency!'

MY Love and support is always with you ... and I THANK YOU so very much for yours.

A 2nd WORKSHOP. SATURDAY May 5th. Sunrise beach QLD. I am conducting a small group of 8 only, to assist in bringing one into alignment with their Higher self, their guides and their gifts. It will be an intense, yet, fun day conducted in a professional secure environment. If you are interested please email info@blossomgoodchild.com

My READINGS continue to step up in Energy. I find it an honour and a blessing to be able to assist another soul's journey in this profound and uplifting way. Maybe it is time for you to have one?

LOCALS. (Noosa QLD Australia) WEDNESDAY MORNING MEDITATIONS . Please email info@blossomgoodchild.com for details.

DONATIONS are received from the heart Thank you!

Walk into the

Love, Light, Laughter & Golden Rays

Blossom G

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