April 20th channelling up - Blossom Goodchild

Hi there, Oh, Rays of sunshine!

Here is the latest channelling to peruse over.

The more I REALLY take their words into my heart, the more I TRULY am 'beginning' to 'Get it'. For me, at this stage, I definitely have to make a conscious effort to remind myself I AM LIGHT, otherwise, I seem to be just 'trudging' along. I don't like trudging!!!

How are those of you who chose to have a go at THE GAME CHANGER PROJECT doing? I've found I keep getting side tracked and not making it a priority to serve my soul! SO GOOD when I get back on track. It's as if my soul is thanking me and I do find having the graph helps me to be more vigilant. Those of you who are new to these newsletters, here are some pointers as to what THE GAME CHANGER PROJECT IS ABOUT.

and then for all needed info from there ... go to ... http://blossomgoodchild.blogspot.com/

This morning, I saw a block square rainbow .... They never used to be around, yet more and more are occurring. If you do come across strange phenomena, please feel free to send on to me and then I can happily pass it on via these newsletters, to give others hope. These surely, are all signs THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT are talking about? Thank you .

My READINGS for folk are certainly stepping up in Energy. I find it an honour and a blessing to be able to assist another soul's journey in this profound and uplifting way. Maybe it is time for you to have one?

LOCALS. ( Noosa, Sunshine Coast QLD) 

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Walk into the

Love, Light, Laughter & Golden Rays

Blossom G

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