BEAUTY AND IMAGINATION ON HER thoughts, eyes and hands.

Giulia Bernardelli is an Italian woman who makes amazing art using spilled coffee. As we all know, coffee stains are really tough to clean up, but this artistic lady can turn messy things into beautiful works of art using just a spoon or whatever else happens to be nearby.
According to her, she never plans her creations in advance, but when she has finished, you can guarantee that the resulting work will be breath-taking. Take a look at some of her wonderful work below!
 From Giulia:

I often stop to look at the table in my house and I think I have fought over a thousand battles. It seems I have traveled a lot in 4 walls ... I saw beautiful places and other gray where it always rained and I thought I would never go out.
In the last three years I feel I have never unpacked my suitcases, which are actually my thoughts.
I am grateful for everything, for the effort, for the enthusiasm, for having to start all over again and for all the meetings. For the magic that exists and is everywhere.
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