Very interesting channelling! Sept 14th 2018 - Blossom Goodchild

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Hello Folks

Well, where do I begin? This is a very interesting channel ... out of the blue, so to speak! In two parts ... although, the second part is first! I have tried to make it as clear as possible as to why.



An influx of links regarding Sun Observatories being shut down all around the world. WHY? Includes a video of a photograph of what appears to be a huge craft with a fleet of ships all around ... in close proximity to the sun. So, I am sharing a few. I haven't had time to delve too deeply into it, yet, it all seems very interesting indeed.

and there are many more it seems.


Many of you may have seen these spectacular sights by now. Well worth a look and a tune into the heart for authenticity.

Here too, is the audio of the last channelling (Sept 1st) read by myself and Joe Pena. (As always, Thank you so much Joe.)

Involved deeply with rehearsals for 'Annie' which opens the week after next. So, email replies are 'as and when' I am able. Many thanks for your understanding.

Shine your

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays whenever and wherever you can!

Blossom G.

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